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Selection box - Unravelling the maudlin mood at Mercedes // Cartoons, radio news, and plenty of Monza opinions

Published by Christine

As you might imagine, the fallout from Mercedes continued into this week's online coverage. Although the pair appeared to have resolved their differences for the race itself, and there were no further issues this time, it's still a hot topic of discussion. I've also uncovered a fresh source of F1 cartoons, as well as had a look at things just that little bit more official.

First up, Lee McKenzie is a much-loved figure in the Sidepodcast household, and it's a disappointment that she isn't the one presenting the BBC's live coverage (whenever they actually have it). However, she has put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, for Motorsport Magazine, writing her own driver-of-the-day style update for the Italian Grand Priz.

Some news emerged today that the FIA will be clamping down on radio traffic from the pit wall to the drivers, believing that they're providing slightly too much assistance to those who are meant to be piloting the cars. Will Buxton, commentator and broadcaster for NBC, has noted his thoughts on the new ruling.

Luca di Montezemolo wasn't keen on sharing his future plans whilst in front of the press in Monza, but this week it emerged that the Ferrari president would be moving on from that role. The official F1 site is usually a place I go for result confirmations and press conference transcripts, but they have provided a great retrospective of the life and works of LdM.

Posted before the Italian race took place, this next spotlight falls on Marc Priestley. Recapping the situation at Mercedes, Marc looks a little closer at what is expected of drivers and how they might react under such circumstances. He's got a bit of inside knowledge, having been present at McLaren during one of their own tumultuous periods.

Finally, let's leave things on a lighter note with some F1 cartoons. I recently stumbled across @R4THBONE and the rather marvellous cartoons posted therein. It's worth browsing the recent Twitter stream for lots of lovely snippets, but here's one I particularly like.