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Selection box - Two weeks to go // Testing action, helmet debates and who is Pascal Wehrlein?

Published by Christine

Amazingly, the 2015 Formula One season is now just over two weeks away. Launches are done, testing is almost complete, and we're starting to see at least a pattern in the results so far, if not anything concrete. McLaren have struggled, Mercedes have cruised, Ferrari have improved, and the midfield looks set for a shakeup. That's what I think, but what does the rest of the blogging world have to say about F1 at the moment?

Let's begin with what was a pretty huge topic at the time, but has already almost been forgotten about: the ban on helmet colour changes. Lukeh had a great post about it here on Sidepodcast, and here are two more from Ben and Adam with vastly differing opinions.

If it's not the FIA causing a ruckus, it's Bernie Ecclestone, and this is a great post about how he views F1 fans. I'm sure you know where we're going with this.

Now looking to the testing action in Barcelona, there has been some brilliant roundups and reviews of how the teams have been getting on, and here's a sample of them.

From specific testing detail, to season previews in more general terms, here are a couple of posts that look ahead to 2015 and predict who might be doing well and who'll be dropping back.

Test and reserve drivers don't generally make headlines for themselves, but Mercedes driver Pascal Wehrlein was the focus of Barcelona Part 1 thanks to his deputising for an ill Lewis Hamilton. If you've ever wanted to know more about the young German, this is the post for you.

Finally, as I mentioned at the very start, testing is almost over and the launches have been and gone. It's been a while since we saw any interesting launches, really, and with the way the costs in F1 are going, it will be a long time before we see another. To reminisce, the BBC have collected together five of the more outlandish launches in F1's recent history.