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Published by Christine

The British Grand Prix weekend gave us plenty to think and talk about, with the live in London event still causing a stir, the race under-delivering give or take a couple of surprising laps towards the end, and the huge swing in the championship battle. Along with that, we've got the recent announcement that the halo is, after all, the chosen cockpit protection device to be put into practice next season. This year is nothing if not packed, so here are a few links from the past week to keep you up to speed.

First up, let's begin with the fallout from the FIA's announcement about the halo device.

Next up, some great interviews with fab women in F1, particularly including one of the last chats with Monisha Kaltenborn before she left Sauber. Hope she comes back soon!

Next up some thoughts about Silverstone, from a fan's point of view, and from someone on the ground.

Finally, three unconnected but still brilliant links covering three hot button topics: Roborace, Lewis Hamilton and the future of Formula One.