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Selection box - Tous avec Jules // A spot of reading as we wait, worry and wonder

Published by Christine

After an accident in Formula One, there's always a great desire to gather as much information as possible - to understand, to analyse, to learn what to fix for next time. When the crash is as serious as that of Jules Bianchi, the desire is doubled, but also tempered with concern for the driver, his friends and family, the team, and everyone affected by what happened. Gathered here are a select few of the better articles regarding Jules Bianchi and the Japanese Grand Prix.

Adam Cooper spoke with Adrian Sutil, the driver who spun off in the exact same manner as Jules, just moments before. Naturally, Sutil wasn't keen on talking about the specifics of the Marussia crash, but he did discuss the race and the conditions leading up to that final lap.

As a broadcaster, Will Buxton has the unenviable job of finding out and filtering information for television audiences, aiming to keep people up to date as well as respecting the difficult situation surrounding a crash like this. His post, published on Tuesday this week, walks through what it was like being in the paddock, still with a job to do.

One of the only good things to come out of accidents in Formula One is the ability for the sport to learn and adapt, to increase safety and push for a better future. It really is too soon to uncover anything meaningful from Sunday's race, too quick for an investigation to show any serious results. But Sky Sports F1 have gathered together some of the questions and answers that would be a good place to start.

It's unfortunate that we have back to back races this weekend, with the debut of the Russian Grand Prix overshadowed by last weekend's events. McLaren have done a good job summing up how difficult it is to continue onwards, all the while knowing it is your job, everyone wants to be professional, and there is still a lot at stake, championship-wise.

There's some excellent, respectful, thoughtful and moving pieces out there on the web this week, but for every great article there are many more that offer up nothing useful and only stir up controversy for no reason. Formula 1 Blog have the answer, with a call to do the right thing, calm down, sit tight, and wait to see what develops.