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Selection box - The thrills and spills of racing go-karts - Handpicked links from around the web on Baku drama and more

Published by Christine

Now, you saw it, right? The Azerbaijan Grand Prix and everything that came with it? Well, would you believe it, there are some opinions about the Vettel and Hamilton incident that need to be shared. I've got a few links to start with on that subject this week, but then we move on to other topics as it's not all about those two drivers, much as you might think it is right now.

Let's kick off then with a variety of opinions and viewpoints from this weekend. I particularly like the insight from Rachel Brookes, as she came in for a lot of stick over the weekend and gets a chance to explain things from her side.

Moving right along, the next couple of posts are stacked full of statistics because who doesn't love maths? The first link is some more fine work from F1 Data Junkie, and the second has a page full of lap counts - which may not sound fantastic but is actually interesting the more you peruse it.

Next up, a couple of inspirational stories from women making or who made their mark in motorsport, paving the way for others.

Two non-F1 links now, with a great look at some of the technologies that go into make Formula E a fascinating challenge for everyone involved, and then an encouragement for people to get up and go karting.

Finally, one quick video lap of the upcoming track in Austria. This isn't in English, but I love it because I would so love to be able to do Playstation video previews except for the fact that I crash into everything, everywhere.