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Selection box - There’s nothing like a good conspiracy theory in F1 - Celebrating Monaco madness and F1's attitude changes

Published by Christine

Naturally, this week's selection of links from around the motorsport web have a handful of discussions about Fernando Alonso's appearance in the Indy 500. The good news is that he's done it, he did brilliantly, and he's coming home in one piece. The bad news is that we now have to ponder what the fall out is from everything that happened this past weekend.

Let's begin right there, then, with Indy 500 perspectives from a first time viewer, through F1's reaction to the competition, to McLaren's next move.

From specifically looking at McLaren's weekend, let's take a look at the Monaco action as a whole, with some thoughts about what unfolded in the principality.

There's been a lot of great activity online celebrating women's continued efforts to gain some ground in the motorsport world, and here follow three links that talk about life in F1, for both men and women, as well as an interview with a female rally driver.

Finally, a handful of more random links for you, with a look at the difference Liberty Media have made to F1, a peek at what is now considered a "classic" F1 car, and some kids getting excited about motorsport!