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Selection box - The ship has long sailed on complaining - Het up about the halo, and hailing the Hungarian heat

Published by Christine

You’d be forgiven for forgetting we’re rapidly heading into the summer break for Formula One, as there is news hitting the headlines constantly. If it’s not building up to this weekend’s race, it’s more fallout regarding the halo cockpit protection, and if it’s neither of those things, then it’s Sauber and Honda splitting up, or the pressure the sport is coming under from other motor racing series’. We’ve got all that and more covered in this super duper bumper selection box, so let’s get going.

We’ll begin with a few preview items for this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix, a race that could prove pivotal in how the championship unfolds over the latter part of the season.

The halo is still very much in the forefront of people’s minds, particularly as the F1 gathering in Hungary has allowed official opinions to be gathered, and explanations from the FIA to be sought. Here are a few links on that subject, starting with a gathering of tweets from Sky F1’s David Croft who went straight to the source.

Now, if you’ll allow it, we’re going to diverge slightly from the Formula One path and talk about a couple of other racing categories that are tangentially related. Formula E continues to be a benchmark comparison for those looking to the future of electric racing, and here’s a handful of recent thoughts about the ever-growing series.

From a burgeoning series to one that has plenty of history, there’s been plenty of crossover between F1 and IndyCar this season, so in case you’ve been missing that US-centric series, here’s a few items to keep you up to date.

Next up, two behind the scenes videos because… well, who doesn’t love to find out more about the sport we follow from those on the ground?

The next two links are fascinating because they are both looking to the past and comparing to the future, but in two completely different ways. The first considers what Ferrari should be doing in their hiring process, whereas the second look is more of a ‘where are they now’ summary.

And to finish, three rather more random links, starting with a fresh look at the F1 2017 game from Codemasters, always intriguing to see what realism they’ve added this time!