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Selection box - The race team who dares to be different - Lifting the lid on camo coveralls and winters with Force India

Published by Christine

Launches are well underway now, and testing is just around the corner, meaning that 2016 can finally start to begin. We've seen new paint jobs for a couple of teams, and a few new faces signed to the grid as well. At the moment, everything is still all talk and speculation though - who can catch up to Mercedes? Will anyone win races apart from Hamilton? What do you make of Red Bull's camouflage coveralls? Here are some of the best links covering those topics and much more!

We'll get our first glimpse of the cars on track next week in Barcelona, but it's always difficult to know how much to read from testing. If a car is barely out on track (eh-hem McLaren), then you know it might be a difficult year but otherwise it's tricky. Formula 1 Blog have a good intro to the week ahead.

The UK is set for a change of broadcaster in 2016 with Channel 4 taking over the free-to-air rights from the BBC. They were previously in the running as coverage hosts before the BBC/Sky split happened, and now get their chance to shine - albeit in a reduced capacity to what they may have hoped. Unfortunately, they're not pleasing everyone and it hasn't even started yet!

The launches so far haven't revealed much in the way of new technology, but Mercedes have put out a video taking a look at that somewhat magical engine they've got tucked away in the car.

Next up, one of a series of posts taking a look at what the Force India team gets up to during the winter - in particular, the media section. Whilst you might think it's holidays ahoy for the PR office, they're actually just relieved to get back to a regular desk!

For a while, it seemed as though Fernando Alonso was the golden boy at Ferrari but he's only been a gone a year and it's almost like he was never there. Sebastian Vettel, instead, has slotted in his place and formed a warm bond with the Italian team. Why is that? Read on to find out.

Finally, let's dip into the engineering side with a video and great post from McLaren about the simulator and what they get from working at screens rather than with spanners, and a chat with Paddy Lowe of Mercedes explaining how to get where he's got today. Well, how to get into F1 anyway, being part of a multi-championship winning team is slightly more difficult.