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Selection box - The next big thing - Turning love to hate, and delving into those statistics

Published by Christine

As December drags towards its festive and inevitable conclusion, the final tributes to the 2014 season are being paid. Whilst many are already looking ahead to what next year will bring, there's still time to squeeze in just a little bit more reviewing of the Formula One action we saw this season. Much of it surrounds Lewis Hamilton, the new champion, particularly as he was also crowned BBC Sports Personality of the Year this week. But we'll start with a driver who isn't quite ready to win championships... but is he heading in the right direction?

Esteban Gutiérrez has ditched Sauber this year, or perhaps it was they who did the ditching, and he's taking a step towards a bigger team but a smaller role. The question is, can you get the most out of testing these days?

We've featured a few posts by Ernie Black before, but now our resident poet has put his mind to trickier topics, just what is the best way to run this complex and crazy sport. From the budgets to the calendar, he's got a view on what could work to rebuild F1's lost momentum.

A couple of Hamilton related posts, sort of. As mentioned the BBC crowned their personality contest winner this week. SPOTY is not something I've been on board with ever since they conveniently forgot that women existed, although they have taken steps to right those wrongs. This post is interesting at looking for the reasons behind the winning vote, engaging with fans, the timing of your success, and much more.

The BBC have also spent some time collating statistics from the season just gone, and although they admit themselves that they're focusing in on the Mercedes duo right from the start, there are still a few surprises in there, including which driver managed to complete the most number of laps over the course of the year.

Finally, we're still trying to get our head around seeing Vettel in red, but it had never occurred to me that for Ferrari fans, they're having to reconcile an entirely different problem. How do you go from reviling to revering the four times world champion?