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Selection box - The colourful world of Formula One // From oil-based liveries to alphabets and race selfies

Published by Christine

We're starting to see F1 faces creeping from their winter hibernations and getting themselves ready for the season ahead. We've had three teams participating in winter testing, the announcement of a handful of launch dates, plus some engineering department changes up and down the grid. For fans at home, it's simply a matter of waiting for the fun to begin, and here are a few links to while away the hours whilst you do so!

Firstly, you'll likely have seen on the news, or at the petrol station, that the price of oil is dropping, and that is hitting F1 more than you might have thought. Our regular correspondent Joe had some thoughts on that.

Whenever we talked to Joe in the last show, we mentioned the hectic F1 calendar that is on the cards in 2016. Here we have another insider's view to the effects of an incredibly busy schedule.

More expert opinions next, with McLaren's brilliant blog from Alan Henry - this time looking at where the roots of the team lie - and an interview with Stefan Johannsson who is never shy of airing an opinion.

Building the anticipation towards the Formula One season can be as all-consuming or as subtle as you like. One of the best ways of looking forward to the new year is to make predictions, analyse the regulations, and decide what you like and what you don't!

Now for a little bit of fun, I love this next idea of creating a Formula One alphabet that means something to you. It's easy to say a is for aerodynamics and b is for brakes, but tailoring it to your own experience is what makes it interesting.

Maybe you could try creating an F1 alphabet of your own. And if that doesn't interest you, Red Bull have some other ideas to pass the time before the first race of the season.