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Selection box - Superb and consistent - Celebrating the end of the season with some fantastic reads

Published by Christine

We've been waiting a long time to see who would finally be crowned the champion of the 2016 Formula One season, so it's no surprise that a lot of the writing about the sport for the last few days has been dealing with the fallout of what happened in Abu Dhabi. I've gathered together some great links to share with you about the championship showdown, but stick around to the end for some bonus extra subjects as well.

Let's begin then, with the race in Abu Dhabi, and the crowning of a brand new champion. What happened, how did it unfold, how do we all feel about it?

With the season wrapped up, inevitably it is time to start preparing our reviews of the year, and a couple of quick-on-the-draw bloggers have published their thoughts already.

Following on from that theme, sometimes it can be fun to hand out your own awards for the season gone by - particularly if don't so much care for how the results turned out.

Of course, we haven't just bid farewell to a Formula One season, but also to a couple of memorable names and faces from the paddock. Here are some tributes to their efforts.

Now four final links to bring this Selection Box to a close, and I must say I found the next subject particularly interesting - how best to subtitle a sport that is inherently visual.