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Published by Christine

We're gearing up for a weekend in Azerbaijan, where the racing is not expected to be up to scratch but still, the sport can always surprise us. in the meantime, keep yourself entertained with a handful of links from around the web, and don't forget you can always check out more places to visit on our dedicated page.

To kick off with this week, I've got some forward thinking pieces for you - people looking at the future of the sport, for better or for worse, and the way technology is always moving onwards, even if opinions and attitudes aren't.

Now we move on to some output from the FIA, which on the face of it doesn't sound particularly inspiring, but just as with the improvements in FOM's attitude towards sharing, so the governing body are also making strides too.

And to finish, a mish-mash of topics, from the disappointing realities of a pay-TV deal to lessons learned from mistakes made.