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Selection box - Spanish intermission // Dark horses, power unit upgrades, hotel highlights and more

Published by Christine

With F1 taking something of a rest between the first of the two pre-season tests, news has been sparse. The teams have hunkered down and started working on whatever data they gathered from Jerez, leaving the rest of us speculating over what we'll see in Barcelona next week. That means a great mish-mash of further reading and listening for you in this week's Selection Box collection. Let's start with a look back at that first week of action in Jerez.

Now a treat for your ears with the Inside Line podcast, looking at the brighter side of Formula One. And pondering which engines will be fighting for the championship this year. Who's your money on?

Talking of engines, Adam Cooper points out a really interesting point that hadn't occurred to me before. The accidental FIA loophole that allows upgrades throughout the year is really making things an awful lot more complicated. With only four engines allowed, which get the upgrades, when and where? And is that just adding more risk of going over the limit?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, as far from upgrading 2015 cars as you can get, the furore surrounding Marussia's attempts to return to the grid using old machinery continues to rumble. Some teams were for it, others against it, and the debate will likely carry on until the season begins with or without them.

Finally, something a little bit lighter. What happens when the plot of a movie and Formula One merge together? Let Lukeh explain.