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Selection box - Seeing is believing - A whistle stop tour of our first glance at F1's new year

Published by Christine

The number of teams unveiling their new look cars for 2015 creeps ever higher, with McLaren joining the fold today. Their toned down livery has caused some consternation, and their Back to the Future inspired video was received to mixed reviews, but they are, at least, putting the effort in. With McLaren at the forefront of our minds today, let's start with some thoughts about the longevity of Jenson Button's F1 career.

Lotus were one of the teams opting to reveal a computer generated image of their car rather than whip covers off the actual carbon fibre. The pictures do allow those of a more technical nature to get fully involved, though, with a fantastic analysis here.

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Sauber have opted to go in a different direction and are the first to reveal what their car will sound like this year. The sound is likely less important compared to last year when it was brand new, but for the many who are invested in the sound these cars make, it's good to get a sneak preview.

It's not just the cars that are new this year, we've also got the addition of Mexico to the calendar. Some have been concerned about what kind of event Mexico will put on, but after the media got to visit (thanks to Force India's launch), many are happy to put your mind at rest.

Spare a thought, if you will, for the four times World Champion Sebastian Vettel, who is heading to Ferrari this year for a) a new challenge and b) to escape being embarrassed by Daniel Ricciardo again. It's no surprise, really, to hear Christian Horner describe how unsettled Vettel really was last year but it is fun that he uses the toy analogy.

It's not often Formula One items get into the local news, but McLaren have managed to upset local residents and become a headline on Surrey's local website. The team want to be bigger and better, but the neighbours aren't so sure.

January always heralds the return of the Autosport International trade show, held in Birmingham annually. It's been a long time since we went, and even longer since we went for the very first time, so it's great to read a piece about a debut visit to the show - crammed full of pictures, too.

Regular Sidepodcast contributor Adam Barton has been pondering the future of Formula One, particularly with regards to the cost saving initiatives - are they enough and will they make any difference?

Finally, a little bit of fun and/or a really hard test from Joe Saward, with a mugshot picture of a handful of different F1 driver helmets. Can you recognise them and how many can you get? I was surprised how many felt vaguely familiar but actually putting names to colours was harder than I thought.