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Selection box - The secrets of driver training and nutrition - A slice of the web's views on Bahrain, qualifying and F1 broadcasting

Published by Christine

Two races under our belts in 2016 and there is so much to talk about! Sadly, not all of it is positive, but I've tried to keep this week's selection of words, images and pictures balanced. Some are not so keen with the way the sport has portrayed itself over the last few weeks. Others are over the moond with how brilliant the racing has been. Where do you fall on the spectrum? I feel like the only way is up from here anyway, so let's see!

First up, F1 agreed an exclusive contract with Sky from 2019 to broadcast the race only on pay-to-view channels in the UK. That angered many people, but James Allen had a stab at explaining the reasoning behind the decision without trying to defend it.

Before we move on to the action this past weekend in Bahrain, let's just have an audio/visual break with a fabulous video of Felipe Massa taking a quick quiz, and an F1 team revamping their old podcast in fabulous fashion.

Now, Bahrain was surrounding by politics and debates regarding the qualifying system, but there was some joy in there as well.

Finally, the Bahrain weekend showed that F1's younger drivers have plenty to offer and the sport is in safe hands if this lot continue.