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Selection box - Return of the red carpet - Photos and fiction, rants and reviews

Published by Christine

This week's Selection Box is jam-packed with a supply of links and goodies you might have missed across the internet over the past few days. It's the return of the red carpet with Autosport International, some motorsport fiction, an engine complaint followed by a superlicence rant and more. Before all of those, there's time for a quick catch up with the Caterham team.

The FIA's revelation of what it will take for young drivers to get themselves a superlicence from next year onwards has caused quite the stir, as most FIA announcements tend to do. A couple of writers have picked out just what it is that hasn't quite hit the spot with the governing body's choice of rankings.

On the more positive side, Max Verstappen does have a drive next year regardless of what his previous exploits have been, but perhaps we should take a closer look at those anyway.

It's not just drivers that the FIA have upset, they also managed to get Honda well and truly riled up with their decision to allow current engine suppliers an extended 2015 deadline but not the incoming Japanese brand.

Finally, two links of a different nature - the first, a collection of the most interesting photographs coming out of the Autosport International trade show in Birmingham, and the second a brilliant slice of motorsport fiction from Lukeh.