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Selection box - Rediscover its racing spirit - Singapore fallout, championship changes and electric racing

Published by Christine

If it's news you're looking for, then motorsport is a good place to be hanging out. We've had the fallout of power unit shuffling - Honda, Renault, Toro Rosso, McLaren - as well as driver movements, calendar changes, and some exciting news coming out of Formula E. In this round-up, we've got all that and more, so let's just get started.

First up, we'll begin with the topic that everyone knew was coming but perhaps didn't quite know how it was going to pan out - McLaren's split with Honda. This first post came out before the news broke, but still has important thoughts about Honda's road to recovery.

Next up, with medium size changes happening in Formula One, there's always time to look at the bigger picture and the future direction of the sport.

On the subject of the future of Formula One, we can take a quick step to the side to look at its sister sports in the electric line.

Let's move on to something slightly more tangible, and something you hopefully all saw with your own eyes - the Singapore Grand Prix.

The final two posts follow on from the race recaps, with thoughts on how the championship is going to go from here.