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Selection box - Pushing the boundaries of what is possible - Looking at driver websites, virtual reality, and F1's moral dilemmas

Published by Christine

The Mexican Grand Prix provided us with plenty to talk about: penalties and non-penalties, the possibilities of the championship going down to the wire, drivers swearing at each other and at the FIA bods. But now we're starting to get towards the end of the championship, we're also looking outside the sport in preparation for the off-season. Read on for links about F1's weekend, plus how motorsport affects the world around it.

Let's kick off this week with a simple start - a new website from Valtteri Bottas, which combines all his social media presences as well as thoughts and feelings after the races. Nice looking place to peruse all the Bottas news.

Next up, some behind the scenes glimpses of life in Formula One, starting with a look inside the garage and moving on to the view from the commentary box.

And moving on to some more reactions from the action in Mexico, particularly in regards to keeping some of the less savoury celebrations off the podium but also some ponderings about the direction F1 is going in.

I always enjoy looking at how outsiders perceive Formula One, so the next couple of links are about how the sport is affecting those around it. The first goes deeper into that topic - how F1 presents itself to new viewers/visitors, whilst the second is more about how F1 can help the world around it.

A couple more links about F1 and its impact on life outside motorsport, but this time we're going a bit more high tech. There's talk of F1 and virtual reality, as well as apps and technology that help the sport as much as the sport helps them.

Finally, a bit of genius development from Tony, who has done the calculations for us so that you can see, at a glance, all the permutations for the championship battle going into Brazil. Have a play and see who you think is going to win!