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Selection box - Out on the open road - Previewing the coming season and the far-flung future

Published by Christine

The pre-season is really starting to gather steam now, with last minute changes to the engineering lineups, sneaky peeks at new liveries and launch preparations, and so many social media posts from drivers doing their last minute training. Launches and testing are rapidly heading towards us, but until then, here are a few posts and links to keep you occupied.

Let's begin with some tyre talk, because we all know that those round black rubber things have dominated the sport for a few good years now. Here are two posts, one about what the tyre supplier thinks of the upcoming season, and the next about how tyres can be tricky when you're making your own F1 car.

Next up, we're still mourning the loss of the Manor team, and a couple of writers have recapped their F1 history - albeit a short one.

From the past to the future, a handful of articles follow that look ahead to how the sport may pan out - including what impact the new bosses will have, as well as much further ahead in time.

To the 2017 season itself, then, with some hope for the coming races, a look at what the rookies may be like, and some insight into the new cars.

Finally, a recap of a night at the Zoom F1 auction, raising money for charity and having some fun at the same time.