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Selection box - One race, people - F1 returns in 2017 to mixed response

Published by Christine

Formula One has returned to our screens, and after the first round of the 2017 season, it's arguable that we have even more questions than we did when last year left off. This week, I've gathered together some highlights of recent F1 writings on the internet, where there was plenty of excitement, anger, anticipation, ire, happiness and rage at all the goings on in and outside of the paddock. Here's some of the best!

Let's begin with a variety of perspectives on the first round of the season and what it potentially means for the year to come.

Let's turn our attention to the miracle of watching sports on screen, and two very different posts about Formula One on the TV.

Next up, a couple of links focusing in on the drivers - in particular, a great two-point analysis of the battle within Sauber, and sparing a thought for the world champion left behind.

Two more posts incoming, and this time the topic is about tracks: firstly, how you can misjudge a circuit before you go there in person, and secondly, an insight to the brilliant people that make racing possible.

Finally, two posts about women in motorsport - a subject that we need to keep talking about and pushing for change.