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Selection box - Not Lewis again - Mercedes driver changes and training for F1's future

Published by Christine

There's been plenty of news this week, with Mercedes finally confirming what everyone had already come to suspect - Bottas taking the spare seat next to Hamilton, and Massa coming back out of retirement to shore up the driver lineup at Williams. There are a handful of posts about that in the links that follow but other topics have come to the fore as well.

Let's begin with an incredible video chronicling the evolution of F1's technical regulations.

Now, yes, let's tackle that subject. Rosberg, Bottas, Hamilton, Massa. Go.

Two links follow that relate to those trying to break into F1 - whether it is engineering students getting a helping hand with design, or drivers working their way through the single seater junior categories.

Finally, two works of art, you might say. A post about the car behind a new photographic F1 book, and a video of Romain Grosjean driving on ice.