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Selection box - Medium rare - Drivers get in on the blogging act

Published by Christine

The concept of this Selection Box collection was always to feature the best blogs, links, videos and photo collections about Formula One, and while we've had some team articles, and things written by existing or former drivers, I never thought I'd be linking to a driver that blogs. Alexander Rossi, having missed out on an F1 seat for the time being, has found time to sit down and write using Medium - a really good looking and easy to use blogging site.

So far, the posts cover Rossi's travels around the US, and focus in on cars, technology and all the things you might imagine from a young driver in the big city.

With the F1 teams bursting into life and getting back into action in Jerez, there's been a lot of attention on the size, shape and colour of the brand new vehicles. The new liveries have gathered plenty of headlines, particularly the boring ones versus the bright ones, so here are a couple of posts on that subject.

Beneath the varying shades of paintwork, the new cars had revised designs from last year that also required plenty of scrutiny. From the technical details, to the general shape of the new noses, and everything in between, we got to see the cars in action finally at the first pre-season test in Jerez. Here's a handful of great posts about the first four days of testing.

Talking of Mercedes, Chris Harris from the Goodwood website got the chance to sit down with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton and wrote up his experiences, particularly with regards to the difference between the two drivers. Turns out Hamilton's monosyllabic responses are as cringeworthy to read as they are to hear!

One of the big stories from Jerez was the early struggles of McLaren and Honda. It's not a surprise they failed to live up to expectations, as the hype was supreme from the moment the comeback partnership deal was announced. Read on for an analysis of where the anticipation comes from, and why it should be toned down if possible.

Finally to brighter topics of the future, the introduction of the new Haas F1 team. With so much focus on the disappearance of Caterham and Marussia, it's easy to forget we have a potential fresh contender arriving soon. Boss Gene Haas is confident, anyway.