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Selection box - A marvel of mechanical engineering - Building up to the Chinese race and breaking the sport down

Published by Christine

It's been a hectic week in the world of F1, with Pascal Wehrlein's withdrawal from another race weekend and the build up to the Chinese Grand Prix, so let's not waste any time before getting straight into the fabulous links of F1 works around the web. First up we've got an audio preview for the Shanghai weekend, followed by some thoughts about recent news headlines.

Next up, we turn our attention to the season as a whole, with a more positive outlook for the 2017 Formula One calendar.

From looking forward to turning attention to the rear-view mirror, the next couple of posts look at F1's history, both recent and further back.

Finally, two niche posts which cover the more technical side of the sport, including a look at the best designs for front wings, and a post delving into some what if scenarios. This is the third part of a series, but it's worth checking them all out if you're interested in what could have been.