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Selection box - Hit the open road - A touch of nostalgia, and then looking ahead to Japan

Published by Christine

It's been a while but I've gathered together some light reading ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend, in case you're missing the sport in the four days it has been since we saw anything. In this batch of the best of the web we've got some nostalgia, some forward looking items, plenty of talk about Malaysia and of course a glance ahead to this weekend's race in Suzuka.

Let's start with some talk about the previous race in Malaysia, from some great statistical analysis, to thoughts on how easy it is to stir a conspiracy.

Next up a couple of personal stories, one is a nice little insight from an F1 fan with Asperger's and the other is a fabulous look inside the slightly nerdy life of an engineer in the paddock.

A glimpse back through time now, as we first analyse how far Lewis Hamilton has come since his debut ten years ago, and in fact how things have pretty much stayed the same for him as well. There's also a sobering but enlightening post highlighting some of the things that have changed in the sport since Jules Bianchi's accident two year's ago.

Looking ahead to the weekend and beyond, next up is some analysis on how to get the best out of a race in Japan, particularly in terms of making the tyres work for you and not against you. I've also linked to a post that gathers together what we know about next year's driver lineup, where the changes are and where it is staying exactly the same.

Finally, a little bit of fun with the Circuit of the Americas asking F1 drivers for their choice of music when going for a long drive in the States. Some of the choices might surprise you!