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Published by Christine

This week's round up of recommended Formula One reading and viewing takes in a profile of a driver's career, some thoughts from those on the periphary of the sport, the potential future of F1 gaming and much more. We'll start with a great post reviewing the past and future of Jenson Button's Formula One career. With the Brit's McLaren seat very much up for discussion at the moment, it's a great time to look back and find out how he got where he is today, and what he can offer the teams of tomorrow.

Next up, you might have seen the video with Susie Wolff where she goes back to her home town and gets all nostalgic about growing up as a racer. I didn't realise that sponsor UBS had also started a series with David Coulthard, asking him for insights on events inside and out of the F1 paddock. The latest looks at when is the right time to hang up your racing gloves, something DC could probably have done with doing at least one race earlier.

As discussed previously, I love a good top five, and Badger GP delivers the goods with another race round-up. If you had to pick five takeaways from the United States (and not the pizza, curry kind), what would they be? Read on and find out if your thoughts match up with the Badger selection.

From the race just gone to the race ahead, back to back events put us straight on to the Brazilian Grand Prix, one of the most popular events on the calendar. If you're pondering how things stand as we head into that weekend, more than just the "Hamilton is leading" situation, then NY Times and Reuters have gathered together some useful stats and figures to get you right up to speed.

Finally, I've not been convinced about virtual reality myself but I know it's a slowly growing movement amongst gamers and developers alike. If you've never thought how it could intersect with the world of Formula One, then think again. This video puts a VR user right in the hot seat, to get a driver's eye view of the world. Fascinating to ponder what else could be done with the technology, although I still think it will fizzle out like 3D.