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Published by Christine

Although there's a championship up for grabs and things will very much go down to the wire, there's still a huge feeling of Formula One winding down and getting ready for a winter hibernation. Some drivers are looking to their next move for 2015, others are waiting to hear if they're going to get a seat. Teams are starting to debate the rules and regulations for next year, and of course we still don't really know how many of them will be appearing on the grid. It's not just the teams, either, the media are also making changes.

I found this a fascinating post from Will Buxton, who is quitting his role as lead commentator for GP2 and GP3 at the end of the year to focus on his F1 work. It covers some of his previous experiences that I hadn't realised, but also looks at the similarities between what the drivers do out on track and what the media do behind the scenes.

Talking of F1 in the US, there's nothing I like more than an on the ground report from one of the races, and this one is stacked full of pictures, thoughts on the track positioning and layout, plus the overall response to the event itself.

A new entrant in the podcasting game, Bored Bernie gets behind the microphone to ponder some of the current Formula One news and events, including what's going on at Sauber, plus some predictions for Brazil (see if he was right!)

The Sky Sports F1 team did nothing but talk about three car teams over the course of the Brazilian GP weekend. Nothing. Although three-car teams are a topic of conversation, they're only a small part of what is a vastly bigger picture. Joe Saward has taken a stab at teasing out the salient points and gathering them together, in a post with a title that makes me sad.

Finally, to brighten things up again, as mentioned in Bored Bernie's first episode, it's been a while since Pastor Maldonado has crashed. Actually, at the time of writing it was 55 days ago. There's a way to know exactly how long, down to the very second, by visiting the next link. One of those single purpose websites that does what it says on the tin. And hey, way to go Pastor! Nearly two months without a crash!