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Selection box - Focus remains in Japan despite Russian racing - It's hard to move on from such a terrible F1 weekend

Published by Christine

Since finding out that Jules Bianchi's condition had settled at "critical but stable" there hasn't been a lot of news coming from the Japan hospital that houses him since his crash during the race in Suzuka. The F1 paddock was forced to move on to face the Russian Grand Prix, but even with another race to comprehend, most thoughts remained on what occurred the previous weekend. With that in mind, we'll start this week with another broadcaster's point of view.

As discussed in last week's selection box, the view from those having to cover the Japanese race itself, or attempt to move the coverage on from the incident, is fascinating. Here, Maurice Hamilton discusses how hard it is to come to terms with that famed disclaimer "motorsport is dangerous."

It's not just Formula One that suffers from horrific crashes, and the inaugural Formula E race had its own terrible incident right at the final corner of the final lap of the race. Thankfully, Nick Heidfeld and Nicolas Prost both walked away, to the point where they almost had a fight, but in this article the official site takes a look at the safety initiatives that helped keep the drivers from coming to harm.

This week, our resident game review Lukeh was very vocal about not bothering with F1 2014. Absolutely fair enough, but if you're looking for a review of the game and/or why Lukeh has chosen to give it a miss this time, the below might help you out.

Back to the racing action, and F1's first appearance in Russia for over 100 years. Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft managed to whip up a guest post about the Sochi race for the Silverstone circuit site (an odd combination of factors really) - focusing on the enthusiasm of the fans and just how many autographs Damon Hill gets asked for.

There was a slightly incongruous appearance by the Russian president towards the end of the race, caught on the world feed cameras deep in conversation with Bernie Ecclestone. Mr Putin also handed out the trophies on the podium, as well as making an unusual appearance in the pre-podium green room. There's a lot of conversation about F1 mixing with politics following such scenes, and here Joe Saward offers up his opinion on the matter.