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Selection box - F1 under the microscope - The sport hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons

Published by Christine

Formula One is under scrutiny by those inside and outside of the paddock, with the collapse of two of the teams, complaints from those remaining that the current funding is unfair, and thus a lot of analysing the situation as it stands and where it might go in the future. I always feel slightly awkward when F1 gets so much attention from the wider world, particularly when it's negative, but hey, perhaps this can be used as a force for good.

Let's begin with another voice with the view that Formula One needs to keep the smaller outfits no matter what it takes to reorganise the funding process.

The sport itself isn't the only thing that might be due an overhaul. Here, the fascinating F1 broadcasting site takes a look at what could be happening with F1's own space on the web, and what it might need to be just that little bit more useful.

The cars don't escape the overhaul, either. Moving away from the big changes we saw in 2014 to engines and energy recovery, there's talk of a brand new system for letting fans know which car is in which position. And it's all created by Anthony Hamilton no less. This sport gets weirder.

Cricket isn't a sport I have very much time for, but I can see how comparisons can be made between it and Formula One. As a hugely traditionalist and pretty much global effort, cricket is starting to deal with change and modernisation, and it's doing it far better than the sport we love so much.

Finally, this article is behind a paywall but I think it might be worth the 29p to have a read of the full text. New Grand Prix editor for Autosport Edd Straw analyses the double points situation, agreeing that it is stupid but may not be the disaster that everyone is proclaiming it to be.