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Selection box - Not everybody can be a winner - Reviewing the Canadian race on track and on the water

Published by Christine

There was quite a lot to talk about following the Canadian Grand Prix - the team orders debate sparked up again, a discussion over which teams are only running one decent driver, as well as the continuing woes at McLaren (when will they end??) and the brilliance of spotting a Ferrari cap at 200mph.

This week's selection of goodies contain plenty of talk from Canada, both on track and on the water, and plenty of audio/visual goodness to keep you entertained. Let's begin, not with the Canadian Grand Prix, but with a race of a different kind.

Now to the race proper, and a few of the many post-race reviews that went on analysing what ended up being a chaotic Montreal race.

You know how I mentioned that it's impossible not to talk about McLaren? Well...

And two unconnected links to finish - some info for budding journalists out there, as well as a look back at the Indy weekend from a different point of view.