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Selection box - Dropped the mic and walked off stage - A collection of Rosberg reviews and season previews

Published by Christine

We're firmly into the off-season now, with the countdown on to the start of the 2017 season. And although there's always time to have a break and enjoy the festive quiet, we can't help but ponder and speculate what's going to happen next year, as the F1 world continues to reel from Rosberg's surprise retirement. December is also traditionally a time for season reviews, so settle in for some links that look back at the year just gone, and some looking forward to what is to come.

We begin with the official F1 site's take on the year, in an unexpected format.

Now on to the Rosberg news, with more speculation over who can replace him and the impact it has on the sport.

Moving on to the coming year, with a few posts making predictions and previewing the 2017 season at this early stage. The first link is really one to watch, as I do so love it when people get to follow the sport around the globe.

Let's hear some stories now, in two different ways. Firstly, a review of an evening with Sky pundit Johnny Herbert, where no doubt some hilarious stories were shared. And then the start of a series attempting to turn the final race of 2017 into a work of fiction.

And finally, a collection of topics, starting with some slightly nerdy hotel data for the Brazilian race weekend, followed by a look at how F1's rivals are shaping up, and an interesting list of drivers who ended up hating their bosses.