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Selection box - Does this balance things out? - Travel around via Goodwood, Austria, Silverstone, and London

Published by Christine

Formula One is doing an incredible job building up its profile ahead of the British race this weekend, but naturally there are always negative headlines to go with the positive. Lewis Hamilton has been dominating the F1 news once again, so we'll start with just a couple of stories about the enigma that is Britain's multiple world champion.

There is already an incredible crowd of passionate fans present at Silverstone getting their weekend underway early and gearing up for what should be a good race. The next couple of links are guides to the upcoming race weekend, for those on location and those watching at home.

Next up, a couple of links that focus on gaming and technology, in which Max Verstappen is called a "tech talent leader" which came as a surprise to me.

Three random links are next in line, with one more recap of the Festival of Speed, a great video about factory simulators, and a Take That fact to follow.

Finally, two podcasts for you to listen to. The first is an exceptional round-up of the life and tragic death of Jules Bianchi. The second features a small cameo from a certain Mr C. You've heard of him, right?