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Selection box - Celebrating success and embracing change - A rundown of what you need to be reading from F1 writers

Published by Christine

This week, I'm debuting a new feature here on Sidepodcast in which I highlight five pieces of online content - writing, video, audio, other - that you need to make sure you don't miss. It's not a unique idea to round up links, but it fits with our rediscovered intent to focus on quality content. We're not just looking internally, we want everyone to get on board and get creating. Together we can make the best of the best even better! Thus, each week, there'll be five hand-picked items absolutely worth your time, starting this time with a certain Woking-based team.

I've been quite impressed with McLaren's ability to embrace their website and make it a useful place to visit. The navigation can be a bit clunky and the rollover pop-ups very annoying, but they've brought together journalists and photographers, nostalgia and forward thinking to keep fans entertained on a regular basis. This week, I was interested in Alan Henry's column, about how to embrace change within Formula One, and whether the bosses involved haven't got things backwards.

In the podcast this week, I was lamenting the fact that we were slightly behind in our celebrations of Daniel Ricciardo's first victory. Thankfully, we're not alone! Red Bull also have been slightly delayed in theirs, however they've got a good excuse. The video released this week must have taken absolutely ages to create and is well worth a watch. The effect boggles my mind a little bit, and I'm so busy looking to see what's moving that I don't actually look at the picture, but it's still an incredible effort.

There was a lot of sadness in the paddock after the passing of Jonathan Williams - a former driver with managed only one F1 race to his name, but appeared to have a big impact on everyone around him. I wasn't aware of him before reading the touching tributes this week, with Maurice Hamilton, Adam Cooper and more paying their respects. In Adam's post, I particularly enjoy the idea of one Williams meeting another whilst sitting out a race after crashing. That's motorsport for you!

I'm really happy that Pat, of I Watch Too Much Racing fame, has resurrected his blog just in time to feature in this first roundup of fabulous links. Pat looks set to embrace a variety of formats on his site, with long form, short form, link and video shares and much more. Hoorah for blogging, I say!

Where would we be without the joy Badger GP brings to Formula One? Instead of focusing solely on Mercedes, as most of us have been since the fallout from the Belgian race, The Badger has expanded his view to the depths of F1's history to provide a fun top five rundown of other high-profile teammate collisions. Everyone loves a list, right?