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Selection box - Captain Doctor Button, that'd be cool - Dealing with a huge change in F1 leadership

Published by Christine

There was incredible news this week with the removal of Bernie Ecclestone from the head of F1, replaced by Chase Carey and friends. It's no wonder the online world has been reeling in response. In this week's round up of great F1 links to read and enjoy, we've got a couple of posts on that subject but also much, much more.

Let's begin with Bernie, though, as we ponder how the sport will fare under brand new leadership.

Now a bit of circuit talk, with Silverstone's future in question yet again, and a look back at the Valencia Street Circuit.

Time for a little nostalgia, which Formula One is particularly good at - a post here about a previous driver, and a look at that fabled six-wheeled car.

Looking to the future, a few topics are weighing on everyone's minds - what the new cars are going to look like this year, what is going to happen with Manor, and most importantly of all, what else is there to look forward to in 2017?

And finally, a bit of fun and games to finish, Jenson Button took on a Krypton Factor style challenge in a British Airways simulator!