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Selection box - The calm and quiet before the Singapore storm - F1 preps for the night race, as radio clampdowns take effect

Published by Christine

Considering the fracas that was stirred up after the Belgian Grand Prix, the week or two following Monza has been blissfully quiet. Drivers and teams have been travelling to their next destination, dealing with the news that Ferrari would be changing bosses, and that the radio traffic during the night race would be significantly reduced. This roundup features those topics, as well as a book project, a great karting roundup, and a fabulous rant about ticket prices.

This year, we've had a couple of karting updates from longtime Sidepodcast listener Davin, who has been gaining sponsors and picking up trophies wherever possible. As it's the end of the season, he's wrapped up how it all went, and what his plans are for his racing future too. There's also a bonus video, if you like the visuals better.

Luca di Montezemolo finally revealed that he is, in fact, leaving Ferrari - something that everyone suspected in Italy. It was something of a surprise when it was first rumoured, but by the time the announcement actually came, it seemed inevitable. Leigh has written up a great piece about the reasons behind the decision, and what they might need to do to turn things around.

I love a good race preview. We've got most of the facts and figures covered here on Sidepodcast but there are plenty of others to choose from. I enjoyed Natalie's look at what to concentrate on over the course of the weekend, and who might be most affected by the radio clampdown.

The topic of ticket prices is a very personal one, as all Formula One fans (well most, Mr C's inability to go outside notwithstanding) would love to visit a race weekend at least once in their lifetimes, preferably more often. Formula One proves to be a costly concept, and although there is an argument for a premium price for what should be a premium event, there's a limit to how much people will pay. Pat has written up a great rant about when and where that line has been crossed.

There are a couple of Formula One related Kickstarter projects out there, and they cover a variety of ideas as well. This one aims to raise funds for a book focusing on two specific decades from F1's history, and collate images and text about drivers, tracks and races from those dangerous but fascinating years.