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Selection box - A bumper start to the brand new year - Gearing up for 2015 with some final reviews of last season

Published by Christine

It's been a nice, quiet couple of weeks of rest and recuperation as the world gets emotional waving goodbye to one year and welcoming in the next. Formula One is going through the same transition, with the final wrap ups of 2014 coming in. We managed to squeeze five podcasts in five days to sum up the season and start looking ahead, but we're not the only ones talking about it.

Along with listening to podcast season reviews, there have been a few pictorial summaries as well. If Formula One does anything well, it's creating some beautiful opportunities for fantastic photography. A season isn't complete without sparks in the night, the whoosh of a car through the trees, and those freeze frame champagne moments. Here are two great galleries of the action last year.

Ferrari's huge changes over the past few weeks have caused quite a stir, if only to ponder exactly what difference they're going to make in 2015. The fact the team signed up their third team principal in a year really stands out for me, but Sky Sports have a timeline of all the strife the Scuderia went through during the season.

Ferrari have sent one of their young drivers to Sauber, with the team signing up Raffaele Marciello as reserve driver. Sauber should be next in line for a shake up, considering how well their 2014 campaign went. Perhaps this is the first step.

Although drivers tend to be the ones getting the glory, there's been a growing trend towards the engineering team becoming household names. Is that a good thing? This next post argues perhaps not.

Looking ahead to 2015 is the next task on the agenda, and here we have a select few key highlights from the year ahead, as well as a rundown from Maurice Hamilton detailing exactly how the season is going to go.