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Published by Christine

With F1 starting to wake up again, and teams beginning to reveal their new cars, the excitement and anticipation of an upcoming season is slowly building. While we're waiting for the rest of the launches, testing to begin and the season itself to start, I've got a handy few links for you to peruse.

The first is a great post that gives a unique view of life within Formula One. There are many insights into how to break through into F1, how to get that coveted job whether it is driver, mechanic or engineer, but what's life like once you are there?

McLaren are building up to their launch next week, with a teaser video of the launch of the car. That's kind of like the teaser trailers for the movie trailers for the films that emerge from Hollywood. Announcement of an announcement anyone? However, they've also kicked off a new series of columns with a very special guest writer on the McLaren site.

It wouldn't be the build up to a Formula One season without lingering unknowns about driver lineups or F1 schedules. This time, it's about the German Grand Prix, with initial doubts about its presence at the Nürburgring now growing to concern about the race as a whole.

Next up, a fabulous interview with young driver Beitske Visser about her motorsport career so far, and what her prospects are for the future. Her ultimate goal is Formula One, but with such stiff competition and the superlicences getting stricter criteria, it could be a tough mountain to climb.

For those that prefer the technical aspects of Formula One, the new launch season being upon us must come as a blessing. Sadly, Adrian Newey's expertise will be distant and lacking in the future, as the super designer takes a step back from F1. He's still got plenty of opinions, though, in this case particularly about the power unit competition.

We started with some insight into F1 and we'll end on a similar theme. Ted Kravitz took his trusty notebook to Mexico to cover the launch of the Force India car, and he shared some of his findings with the fans that stayed at home.