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Selection box - Already missing Alonso - The F1 world gears up for its first 2015 race in Australia

Published by Christine

With testing wrapping up in Barcelona, and the first race of the season just around the corner, the F1 world is in a bit of a mish mash. We're looking ahead to ponder what the year will bring, looking behind us to analyse what testing can reveal, and of course pondering just what is going on with poor Fernando Alonso. All that and more in this wrap up of F1 links and goodness.

Let's begin with the Spaniard, who is sitting out the Melbourne race uninjured but as a precautionary measure. There are mixed reactions to this news, some wondering if there is more to the story but most happy to accept the safety first attitude.

Amongst the disappointment of Alonso's enforced sabbatical comes the better news of Manor's return. A popular team that have managed to work out their financial difficulties and turn things around from what appeared to be an unsolvable situation. And they have a driver on board too!

McLaren and Marussia take the focus of this little wrap up from Kate Walker, pondering the unknowns as we head into the 2015 season next week.

We also had news this past week of a new female driver making her way into the paddock, with Lotus signing Carmen Jordá as a development driver. Once again, this was news that was met with mixed reviews.

Finally, a couple of links for the more technically inclined, starting with a personal take on what a difference Red Bull's engineering academy can make, and then a very short post about Williams which I mostly like for the epic close up of the front wing.