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Selection box - A very talented dude behind the wheel - Kubica's potential return and how motorsport is changing

Published by Christine

Here it is, then, the summer break that splits the Formula One season not quite in half with an enforced rest. Some greet the break with enthusiasm - a moment to take a breath and consider what has happened whilst resting and preparing for the final push to the title. Others can't wait for the racing to return. The following links might help to entertain, no matter which side of the fence you fall on!

Let's start with one of the big stories of the week. Following the Hungarian Grand Prix, teams stuck around for two days of testing but there was only one driver who dominated the headlines.

Now that the testing is over, it is officially F1's summer break, but that doesn't mean that we all have to power down and just wait the four weeks till it all starts up again in Spa.

In last week's collections, I gathered together links from other motorsports, and this week I have another couple - but it's more about how the various categories of racing are starting to cross over and face competition from each other.

And my final collection of three unconnected links, including a chat with the reigning world champion, a glimpse inside the paddock, and another angle on the halo.