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Published by Christine

The European leg of the 2017 season is about to get underway, and so the previews for the Spanish Grand Prix are emerging all over the place. What with that and the countdown to Fernando Alonso's IndyCar sabbatical, there's a lot going on in the world of F1. We start this week's collection of great content from around the web with those two subjects - an audio Spain preview, a video about changes to the cars for Barcelona, and a great piece about Alonso's opportunity.

Next up a couple of lists, both revelling in F1's vast history. The first link takes a look at 40 years of the Williams F1 team, which is a celebration taking place this season. The second is a round-up of those occasions where things don't always go to plan in the pit lane.

A random selection follows, starting with a chat with the championship leader. There's a podcast rounding up plenty of recent headlines, some data for those that revel in the wonderful nerdy aspects of the sport and a look ahead to the 2018 season already!

There's always time for a quiz and this week I stumbled across two! There's an audio and a visual version here, so have a listen/watch and see how many answers you get right!