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Selection box - A 15,000 piece jigsaw puzzle - Some weekend reading as we ease into 2017

Published by Christine

It's a brand new year, resolutions are being made (and broken already), and we're all starting to look ahead to the 2017 F1 season. Who will do well, who will step up to the plate, and let's be honest, will Manor even make it? Heading into the first full weekend of the year, I've lined up a handful of links for you to read, listen and watch, to make the most of your motorsport minutes, and stay up to date with what's happening.

Let's begin with two excellent podcasts to give you something to listen to while perusing the rest of the links.

Looking forward to the coming season, it's about the time that predictions start coming in, and we've got some very specific ones here already. Also, an incredibly useful guide to the regulation changes this year, and some thoughts on the funding problems of late.

Next up, it's easy to get excited about the drivers, the teams, and everything we can see in the paddock, but there's so much more to Formula One than that.

Some behind the scenes information up next, with the retirement of journalist Kevin Eason.

Our last couple of links are about the engineering and futuristic side of motorsport, beginning with someone hoping to break into the sport.