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Reducing risk in an F1 pitlane - Less torque via the standard ECU

Published by Mr. C

Following the injury of an official F1 cameraman during last weekend's German Grand Prix, both the sport's promoter and the sport's governing body attempted to react with procedural changes for future races. While the prompt response was commendable, the decisions appeared knee-jerk and reactionary. It is also questionable whether the F1 pitlane will be any safer as a result.

Removing media from the pitlane is fine but it still leaves the possibility of a mechanic being killed by an errant wheel.

stevenroy27 stevenroy27

After a little back and forth debate on Twitter, the F1 community quickly found what seems like a far more sensible solution, so we've documented the key points of the conversation here.

The advantage of only using electrical power in the pits is less torque on loose wheels

stevenroy27 stevenroy27

Surely, electric or not, the standard ECU can have a safer 'pitlane mode'?

chainbearf1 chainbearf1

Solution found, as you were.

notonlyahatrack notonlyahatrack

I don't understand why people think F1 problems are difficult

stevenroy27 stevenroy27