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The F1 rumour mill hits Apple news // Joe's insight crosses the streams

Published by Christine

An Apple logo on an F1 steering wheel
Credit: Sidepodcast

This week, F1 journalist Joe wrote a post evaluating whether the technology giant Apple could be interested in purchasing a stake in F1, or perhaps picking up some very handy streaming rights. The idea seems unlikely on the surface, but when first mooted it also seemed preposterous that Apple would buy Beats Electronics and look how that turned out.

The most fun thing about this story is how it has crossed the streams for us here at Sidepodcast HQ. Now there are Apple stories in our F1 feeds, and Formula One stories in our technology feeds. It happens occasionally, for example when Eddie Cue mentioned Autosport in the latest WWDC keynote, or when Jony Ive is spotted hanging out at Goodwood (two more reasons there could be fire behind this particular smoke!) but here's a celebration of world's colliding anyway - a selection of rumour reports on technology blogs, all citing Mr Saward's scoop.