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A community anniversary - Giggles makes it seven years and counting

Published by Mr. C

I'm not saying it's certain, but it's certainly a possibility

Superstar commenter and long suffering Sidepodcast listener Alex (Giggles) Andronov recalled a very special anniversary on Twitter this evening. It was a mere seven years ago today that a young Andronov left his first piece of feedback on this very site and he has continued to do so every year since.

Today is my sidpodanniversary @sidepodcast the online F1 community that has meant so much to me. @mrschristine @betterthan

alexandronov alexandronov

My first comment is from a different world. Hitching myself to such a creative community has been ace.

alexandronov alexandronov

Here it is, boy does it feel like a million rather than 7 years ago … @sidepodcast

alexandronov alexandronov

Giggles' first comment was posted just four months into the life of Sidepodcast which puts the chap amongst a group of only a handful of people who followed during the early days yet managed to stick around throughout the ensuing madness.

Heck with his own radio show, Friday Fun submissions, and ideas galore, he was probably responsible for a large majority of it!

@alexandronov and it was about Jenson! JB brings people together :) *hugs* happy Sidpodanniversary!

f1_lou f1_lou

The F1 world happens to be rather quiet at the moment, but we are still working away behind the scenes to ensure the next seven years are just as brilliant as the last. There is however time to raise a glass and toast an amazing community full of amazing people.