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Celebrating a century of classic Class acts - Class of the Field feature passes a milestone

Published by Christine

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Prolific feature writer Adam pointed out on Twitter that his Class of the Field column reached the grand old age of 100 recently. We're rubbish at keeping track of such things, but felt such a milestone couldn't pass without a spot of celebration. Class of the Field started even before we had a feature section and Adam has been a stalwart writer on Sidepodcast even when we have let our attention drift.

Adam's articles highlight the best drives of any given race weekend, and as such are a great way to focus in on some of the drivers that have missed out on the headlines. Race winners always get the plaudits, but there are plenty of names up and down the field who deserve a bit of recognition, and Adam makes sure to do his bit to get their achievements noted. It's a real treat and something to look forward to after each race weekend.

To celebrate 100 Class of the Field columns, I've gathered together a handful of must read articles, and hope that we'll see plenty more in the races to come!