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Bernie says: "Think before you buy" - Alternate 2014/15 F1 review titles

Published by Christine

Following a rather fabulous year of racing, we were somewhat depressed (to put it mildly) to note that the Official Review of the 2014 F1 season is blandly entitled "It was Fair". Given fans played witness to some of the best on track battles we've seen in years and that the title went down to the wire, it is hard to imagine a more unimaginative way to summarise a year of motorsport.

That the powers that be are inclined to talk down their own sport isn't a surprise, so instead we tasked the F1 community on Twitter to come up with better (and worse) suggestions for alternative summaries, both for this year's release and perhaps to inspire next year.

Bernie's new Blu Ray
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2014 suggestions

The 2014 season had a little bit of everything, great racing, a fantastic driver rivalry, impressive machinery and some great stories throughout the field. However, it was dominated by one team so fixating on that is clearly the only way to sell the sport.

I'd have gone with "Seb, Dan is faster than you." And at least made it interesting.

JackAttack_19 JackAttack_19

should have been merzzzzzzzzzzzedes

ozporkhunter22 ozporkhunter22

"IT WAS FAIR" looks like a placeholder title that someone forgot to replace!

notonlyahatrack notonlyahatrack

It should have been Bernie says: "Think before you buy"

Noelinho Noelinho

The one with the fastest driver in the fastest car again

pawelf1 pawelf1

2015 suggestions

Previous iterations of the season review have had slightly more interesting taglines, so it does seem as though there's a downward trend and the official bods are losing interest. Therefore, we asked for predictions of what the 2015 cover might display.

F1 2015: WHO CARES?!

jscottontheair jscottontheair

F1 2015: Seb-who? F1 2015: Smiley Dan

elephino_ elephino_

F1 2015: we wouldn’t know a classic season if it walked up and smacked us in the face.

wheresrunnicles wheresrunnicles

F1 2015: The Season Is (Finally) Over.

Ms_Lara_Croft Ms_Lara_Croft

Let us know if you can think of any additions to the list, for better or for worse, as it's clear that Bernie and his minions are running out of ideas! Tweet us your best offerings and we'll update the post with the best ones!