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Bahrain, the bottom line - Tidying up the loose ends from Round Four

Published by Christine

The racing in Bahrain was so action-packed that we weren't quite ready for the weekend to be over. Thankfully, there are still Formula One related items to digest as we head into another three week break, so here's a collection of things you might have missed post-Bahrain.

"Insightful" stuff from Ferrari, as they describe in detail what went wrong with Fernando Alonso's car on Sunday.

Whilst we're on the subject of the Scuderia, there was more of their blatant favouritism to enjoy. Massa? He was also there.

Teams are busy investigating what has gone wrong for them over the past few weeks, but in the case of Lewis Hamilton, it is Pirelli who want to take a closer look. The Mercedes driver suffered a puncture in third practice that went on to cause a gearbox change and the subsequent penalty.

Tyre talk is all the rage at the moment, and if you want to get your head around how the rubber affected the strategies during the race, VivaF1's incredibly handy guide does the hard work for you.

McLaren have found themselves dropping behind Force India again in the team standings, and Paul di Resta just missed out on a podium at the Bahrain Grand Prix. The headline here strikes me as a ridiculous thing to say, and I'm not sure Paul does himself any favours (whilst also contradicting himself).

Considering the number of collisions we have in F1, I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. Although teams do get told off for "borrowing" designs from other teams.

Bringing things full circle, let's go back to Ferrari, with a Fernando Alonso interview where he explains his thoughts in the car as the DRS failed behind him.