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Addicted to F1 testing - A second day at Silverstone for the Sidepodcast crew

Published by Christine

With the 2013 "young" driver test continuing on for three days, we decided to stop off for another visit at the track. With some creative photography at the forefront of our endeavours, and a lot of lessons learned from yesterday, we set about making the most of our final day (the penultimate test day) at Silverstone.

Guess who's back?

One of the first jobs upon arriving at the track is to secure a decent picture to share with the world, to introduce our second day of testing fun. There seemed to be a few more cars out on track as we made our way towards the Luffield terrace, and there were a handful more people watching from the sidelines as well.

We came back!

Bit busier today. Lot more cameras. #lensenvy

Sidepodcast Sidepodcast

With the heat bearing down on us, and slightly less energy than we might have had one day one, we headed towards the shade of the grandstands for a better vantage point.

Track is busier today

Early afternoon

With just a few more hours of running left out on track, we knew we had to make the most of the time allowed, and as predicted, we started to get creative.

Sadly not. RT: @AdieBrown: @sidepodcast Will you be there tomorrow?

sidepodcast sidepodcast

I haven't been to any other F1 circuits to judge comparatively, but Silverstone is so very photogenic in the sunshine, it's marvellous. Not so good on rainy grey days, but black and white is acceptable.

Another day in paradise
Time to move on

There are some really good viewing spots available, particularly if you can get up close to the fence, or to the front of the grandstands. With fewer people at the test than at a race weekend, it was a lot easier to pick a good spot and avoid all the troublesome peripheral stuff.

F1 panorama

Mmm, I love a panorama.

F1 squared

This is fun. Mr C was sneakily running around behind me and taking pictures of me taking pictures.

Christine has F1 covered

Amazingly, this is the photography I was taking in the above shot. I was marvelling at how bright the Marussia livery looks in real life, when it doesn't come across like that on TV - or in photos, sadly.

Marussia testing

Now, after my mediocre attempts at using Vine yesterday, I braved a couple more six second video attempts, and thought I might be starting to get the hang of it.

Late afternoon

Gradually, the time ticked on, and we tried to share some of our best knowledge of the track. I'll admit that it took me about a day to understand all the changes that have been made since the last time we were there, but I've never been a fast learner when it comes to circuits.

@mrschristine @sidepodcast Any tips? best place to view etc. I am going Friday..

sparkacid sparkacid

@sparkacid great views at Luffield terrace and national pits grandstand. Plenty of seats though, so you can chop and change.

sidepodcast sidepodcast

Sunny Silverstone

We made it all the way round to Copse this time, which we hadn't on our previous day, and I risked losing my phone by sticking it through the fence - I think this Vine is worth it though. Such a great corner.

And then that was it. Time to pack up and come home. And as I tweeted with this final image: "That's it for our Silverstone adventures. Good (if a little warm) times."