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Do Petrolheads dream of electric cars?

A first hand glimpse at the future of automobiles

Sidepodcast: Do Petrolheads dream of electric cars?

by Matt Garrard

Having been a long time follower of Tesla Motors, both the products and the company activities, and with the company recently launching their range here in Oz, the opportunity to test drive one of the new cars crossed my social network feeds. Boy did I jump at the chance! The day arrived (I was more than a little excited…) and the kit that awaited me was a Dark Blue Tesla Model S P85+. That's basically the top model, with options. Yours, on the road, for AUS $176,000 (GBP 95,000)!

Le Mans 24 Hours 2013 - Diary of a motorsport photographer

Getting stuck in at the famous endurance event pit lane

Sidepodcast: Le Mans 24 Hours 2013 - Diary of a motorsport photographer

by Lara Platman

As a photojournalist I am very privileged to attend some of the world’s most celebrated motoring events and the 24 Hours du Mans is indeed one of these. However, as a photojournalist I often find myself arriving at these events through some dubious means, often I hitch hike – (as I did on this occasion through Twitter) – or conversely arrive in fabulous style as I did with the Grand Prix de Monaco Historic (in an Aston Martin).

Monza's electrifying atmosphere

A day with the Tifosi

Sidepodcast: Monza's electrifying atmosphere

by Dan Robertson

Monza is one of the oldest, and fastest, circuits on the F1 calendar and attending a race there is an experience that I’ll never forget. The circuit is beautiful, and fantastic to walk around. The trees cast fantastic shadows on various sections and the old banking, which can be seen from many grandstands and pathways, reminds you of the history of the track. I’d seriously recommend visiting Monza - even if it isn’t a race weekend.

Hide and seek

With testing being opened up, what good is it hiding away?

Sidepodcast: Hide and seek

by Lukeh

This past week I took the drive up to Silverstone to experience this esteemed circuit for the first time. It’s a bit strange having watched Formula 1 for 15 years or so and never actually having the chance to go up, so it was really exciting for me. It’s also quite amusing how in the past I’ve said to people how I could just go, sit down all day and watch cars do nothing but go round and they’ve laughed off such a suggestion. Funnily enough, it’s actually quite fun.

On Track with Chris - A karting triathlon

Racing on rental, oval and sprint tracks at Kart-a-Palooza

Sidepodcast: On Track with Chris - A karting triathlon

by Christopher Wheelahan

Once again, Kart-a-Palooza at Nola Motorsports Park! It had been a while since I was on-track: about 4 months since a true race so I was a little bit nervous when I arrived. The crowd was significantly smaller than last time but I definitely recognized some faces. They’ve changed up the format since the last time I posted – this time two races on each track with a random grid order and inverse grid, and no practice.

On Track with Chris - Kart-a-palooza!

One man, one kart, three tracks, and a full day of fun in Avondale

Sidepodcast: On Track with Chris - Kart-a-palooza!

by Christopher Wheelahan

It started about six months ago. I had been following Formula 1 for so long that I finally decided to sit in a car and try to go fast. Rather, I decided to sit in a kart. I had an idea of what a racing line was, had played enough video games that knew how grip worked and listened to enough of Martin Brundle and the Top Gear boys to understand the concepts of lift-off oversteer and slow-in-fast-out and all those truisms. Honestly, it helped at first but no amount of thinking and academic knowledge can make up for poor feeling and inexperience. I found that out early.

Shuttle bus horror in Hungary: Our first Grand Prix

It's not just Silverstone that struggled to deal with transportation

Sidepodcast: Shuttle bus horror in Hungary: Our first Grand Prix

by Herwin Thole

After organising a Grand Prix for 26 years in a row, you'd think the Hungarians would've learnt something about logistics. Two weeks ago we visited our first Grand Prix. In Hungary. And it was a mixed experience. We had seen F1 cars before, at car shows, under stage lights. But to hear the sound of the engine at full racing speed for the first time is simply incredible.

A few glasses of champagne combined with whiffs of hi-octane fuel

A weekend overlooking the Grand Prix from the best office in the world

Sidepodcast: A few glasses of champagne combined with whiffs of hi-octane fuel

by Edwin Collingridge

The month of May in Monaco is rather crazy and during the Grand Prix week it gets even more hectic. The building of the track is well under way in the early part of May and this year being a Historic GP year it had started earlier than other years. Working in an office right above the port chicane we hear all that is going on on the track.

Amy gets the red carpet treatment in Melbourne

Attending the Australian launch of the GREAT Britain campaign

Sidepodcast: Amy gets the red carpet treatment in Melbourne

by Amy Fulton

Earlier this week my friend Kait (who interviewed me for Onya Magazine) asked if I was free on Friday night to attend an event with her. She wasn't sure what it was but she knew it related to motorsport, and was probably smart enough to know that if she went to anything related to F1 without me I may never speak to her again. I compared the 7pm start to the times of free practice, and with one hour to get to Crown Casino after FP2 my name was added to the guest list.

Pole position

F1Minute stickers turn up in the most extreme of locations

Sidepodcast: Pole position

by Mr. C

If you were listening to F1 Debrief back in October you may recall hearing from the rather fantastic Lars, who offered to take a set of F1Minute stickers on a trip to the South Pole, thereby ensuring that the tiny sticker sets would in fact have travelled to all seven of the world's continents.

100 F1 fans go into a bar...

The Badger Bash for Brazil goes off with a bang

Sidepodcast: 100 F1 fans go into a bar...

by Bassano

Due to the unknown nature of how I was going to be able to access live F1 for half of next year, I decided to watch the 2011 finale in Brazil in style. When Badger GP tweeted that tickets were to be released for the live Badger Bash event, I was straight on the case. Essentially, take 100 F1 fans in a London venue, a 4 metre screen to watch the race, a quiz and some industry insiders to chat about the stuff we know and love and you have a recipe for success.

Looking for an alternative Korea

Following the travels of our Air Asia competition winner

Sidepodcast: Looking for an alternative Korea

by Mr. C

As race day dawned for Air Asia competition winners Amy and Jeremy, the excitement of earlier adventures paled in comparison to what was in store on Sunday. After sourcing breakfast and a ride to the track, the F1 über fans set about tracking down more of the sports unsung heroes. Having met BBC reporter Lee McKenzie on Saturday, Jeremy sought out the best man in the F1 pitlane, Ted Kravitz.