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Faster for the feed of sound

Updating the backbone of podcasting

Sidepodcast: Faster for the feed of sound

by Mr. C

In preparation the 2015 season, we've spent a little time tweaking our behind-the-scenes website code. One subtle but important change made since last year relates to the way we're handling news and podcast feeds. Admittedly the finer detail of processing syndication updates is about the last thing most F1 fans will want to read about less than a week before the first track action of the year, but timing was never our strong point.

If we could turn back time

Revisiting and revamping an awful lot of previous content

Sidepodcast: If we could turn back time

by Mr. C

Allow me to introduce to you the brand new, completely refreshed Sidepodcast website. Following nearly two years of seemingly endless effort our home on the web has finally been knocked into a respectable shape. The pair of us can hold our heads high, grateful to have thrown off the shackles of the old world, in anticipation of a far more modern future.


Sidepodcast live events together in one place at last

Sidepodcast: Event-ually

by Mr. C

The Formula One off-season presents us with a chance to catch up on a whole heap of housekeeping tasks in preparation for and anticipation of another year of F1 racing. The list of changes are many and varied for 2013/14, but one area of Sidepodcast that we are not planning to tweak or update this year are the live event threads. So happy are we with how they work that Christine has spent a considerable amount of time and energy migrating content that pre-dated the new system over to this format.

The shape of things to come

Magazine-like layout comes to the web

Sidepodcast: The shape of things to come

by Mr. C

If you upgraded to Apple's latest mobile offering iOS 7 yesterday, you may have spotted a couple of unique page layouts in use on Sidepodcast. We've been experimenting with some up-and-coming web standards to see how they might enhance content readability and this new software release means we can finally try them out in public.

The spring collection

Curated lists of F1 things

Sidepodcast: The spring collection

by Mr. C

It seems like not a week goes by without something fresh and fancy popping up around these parts. Presented with a narrow window in this year's punishing 19 race F1 calendar, we've managed to add something a little different to the site this time around.

Scrappy Dappy Doo

A new home for random cuttings, clippings, extracts and snippets

Sidepodcast: Scrappy Dappy Doo

by Mr. C

For the longest time Christine and I had been utilising third-party sites to store arbitrary collections of stuff that didn't sit well anywhere else. Once upon a time we used a handy service called, before they sold out to Facebook. More recently it was Posterous before they too sold up, only this time to Twitter. There have been others in between, but the trend is getting repetitive.

A voyage of F1 discovery

Introducing a virtual index of Sidepodcast stuff

Sidepodcast: A voyage of F1 discovery

by Mr. C

Today, with our very own F1 encyclopedia, we are introducing a whole new way to unearth information on Sidepodcast. It is now possible to start from a fixed point, for example your favourite driver, and bring up a page of resources listing each occasion where that person has been discussed on the site.

Rocking the vote

All new interactive features come to Sidepodcast

Sidepodcast: Rocking the vote

by Mr. C

It's been almost a year since we last hosted a poll on Sidepodcast, so this week we are taking the time to completely revamp the voting experience. Hot on the heels of the recently introduced rate the race feature, we're debuting real-time and interactive live voting.

This old house

Finally releasing Sidepodcast from the Wordpress stable

Sidepodcast: This old house

by Mr. C

I've spotted a whole bunch of cynicism surrounding HRT's decision to skip the upcoming F1 test in Mugello, but I can't help having some sympathy for their reasoning. Here at Sidepodcast we too are trying to make the most of a three week gap in the race calendar to squeeze in a bit of housekeeping.

Grand designs live

Live events get a much-needed overhaul ahead of the 2012 season

Sidepodcast: Grand designs live

by Mr. C

January at Sidepodcast HQ continued where the previous month left off, working on shiny new things in anticipation of the 2012 F1 season. Today we pulled the covers back on the next item on the virtual conveyor belt, a contact page! After many months of berating, prodding and mickey taking, Christine finally got the page she always wanted - an obvious means of getting in touch with us. Such simple pleasures. Oh yeah, we also debuted a brand new live event commenting system this afternoon. It's kinda neat.

Grand designs

The Sidepodcast site gets a revamp as our offseason work gets underway

Sidepodcast: Grand designs

by Mr. C

It seems like only recently we gave this very site a fresh coat of paint and we're at it again. In the early hours of this morning we launched a new look Sidepodcast homepage. In the current spirit of clearing the decks and starting afresh, it's out with the perfectly adequate and in with the brand new, barely tested and somewhat suboptimal replacement. It isn't finished, but it does make for a nice start.