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Thursday Thoughts - Pre-race glimpses

Summing up a favourite part of the entire Formula One weekend

Sidepodcast: Thursday Thoughts - Pre-race glimpses

by Christine

The question for Thursday Thoughts this week is quite broad: What is your favourite part of an F1 weekend? There is so much that goes into a weekend - from the big moments like a race start and the first corner, to the more personal moments like the swell of emotion if your favourite driver makes his way onto the podium. However, I've chosen something that happens before the weekend proper gets underway.

Thursday Thoughts - How would you change the public perception of F1?

What I would do if I got to replace Bernie Ecclestone

Sidepodcast: Thursday Thoughts - How would you change the public perception of F1?

by Christine

This week the Thursday Thoughts question comes from the ever-fabulous Lukeh, who wants us to step into Bernie's shoes for a moment. That's not the best pair of shoes to wear, but we'll give it a go anyway. Here's the original question: If you succeeded Bernie Ecclestone with controlling and owning Formula 1, how would you change the public perception of F1?

Thursday Thoughts - Are the new teams welcome?

What do you think the backmarker teams have brought to F1?

Sidepodcast: Thursday Thoughts - Are the new teams welcome?

by Christine

We have reached Thursday yet again, and it's time to get your thinking caps on. So far this off-season, we have had two questions in a row about tweaking F1 to be more to your liking. This time, we're taking the topic elsewhere, pondering over some of the things we have seen in the sport this year. The question today: The three new teams made quite an impression on F1 this year. What do you think they brought to the sport? How would have the year been without them? Better or worse?

Thursday Thoughts - Appropriate logos and helmet lottery

An irreverant look at things that could improve Formula One

Sidepodcast: Thursday Thoughts - Appropriate logos and helmet lottery

by Steven Roy

Team logos will have to properly reflect the team rather than be something drawn up by a marketing department which in their world reflects the team’s image and values. Since Ferrari has now decided it is a one driver team the prancing horse will need to have one of its back legs chopped off. Over at Red Bull the logo will be changed to show several bulls charging at each other with bulls representing the two drivers, Helmut Marko, Dietrich Mateschitz and Renault. Standing in the middle will be will be a matador with a chequered cape representing Christian Horner trying to get them all charging in the same direction. I am sure others can come up with similar logos for other teams.

Thursday Thoughts - Nothing that an overdose of testosterone can not solve

Circuits that have already been adapted need looking at again

Sidepodcast: Thursday Thoughts - Nothing that an overdose of testosterone can not solve

by Jordan F1

Suppose if everyone in the Superman Universe knew that Superman and Clark Kent are the same person.  Would there be a need for Clark Kent?  I mean Lois and Jimmy exists as damsels in distress, to be saved on the page of the comic book by Superman.  But Clark is just a cover that has been blown.  I forget their bosses’ name at the Daily Planet, but how many times would he have to say “Lois must be in trouble – there goes Superman dressed up as Clark to the telephone booth or closet again… “ Before it starts to become a bit pathetic?

Thursday Thoughts - Sending Tilke to the moon

Looking at what works and what doesn't on the F1 calendar

Sidepodcast: Thursday Thoughts - Sending Tilke to the moon

by Steven Roy

Great subject for the first Thursday Thoughts of the off season. I still think the best way to improve the tracks on the calendar is to remove Hermann Tilke from the scene. Maybe Branson can sacrifice one of his spaceships to take him to the moon and let him plan a track there. He would have a lot of work to do surveying and allowing for the lower gravity and lack of atmosphere that by the time he was finished everyone would have forgotten about him and he could be abandoned there torturing himself rather than us with his inadequate imagination.

Thursday Thoughts - Fixing what's already broken

Evaluating the circuits that don't light up the Formula One calendar

Sidepodcast: Thursday Thoughts - Fixing what's already broken

by Christine

This week sees the return of Thursday Thoughts, a blog-centric way to brighten up the worst day of the week, and help us banish those off-season blues. If you were not around last winter, the concept will be new to you, but it's quite simple. Each Thursday, a lead blogger poses a question on their blog, and then others type up some posts with their answers. The idea is aimed at blogs rather than comments, but even if you don't have your own little corner of the web, any one of the participating bloggers will be more than happy to host your thoughts.

Thursday Thoughts - Your blog

Celebrating the best parts of writing about Formula One on the internet

Sidepodcast: Thursday Thoughts - Your blog

by Christine

Welcome to the last Thursday Thoughts for the time being. We've been answering and posing questions for the off-season, and it's been an amazing ride, covering vast subjects from best team principals, to the economics of local governments. The best thing about Thursday Thoughts, though, has been the excellent participation amongst bloggers - from the volunteers to host the question each week - to everyone putting fingers to keyboard to come up with some answers.